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The music of bird can best be described as meticulously constructed, electro-infused, indie pop. The catchy, lush melancholia, and minimalistic arrangements, are all supported by the great sense of timing and clarity of the production. "What first caches most people’s attention is this fascinating voice that instantly grabs you by your ears, leaving you wanting more".

Bird comes from Reykjavik, Iceland, and the person responsible for all the writing, playing, singing and mixing, is Jón Valur Gudmundsson. The 26-year old has been very active in the Icelandic music scene over the last ten years, which seem like a long time given his age. Jon Valur was a drummer in Who Knew, as well as with Ásgeir and Króna. He’s also worked as a sound-engineer for the Icelandic grand-masters of reggae, hjálmar, over the last few years.

Bird's first single, Go Back, went straight into the 20th spot of the Icelandic National Radio, Rás 2, Top-30 list within days of being released on bird’s YouTube page, in April, 2014. The single sat in the Top-30 for a few weeks, all without having any record label backing the project. The beautiful and ethereal refrain of the looped-vocals seemed to catch people off guard and the single was picked up by foreign outlets even before getting into the hands of Icelandic radio stations.

Now, Jon Valur is focused on producing bird’s first solo album, which is to be released by spring 2015.




February 8, 2015

New song – first listen!

I‘ve released a new single. Arbiter. This is one of the songs I played at my shows for Airwaves 14. You can find Arbiter, and the other songs too, on YouTube, Facebook, Soundcloud and on my personal website, Have a listen, and I hope you enjoy it and share it with everyone:).

jon bird - arbiter


October 6, 2014

Just few weeks until Iceland Airwaves Music Festival! I've put together a band to play with me at the festival and we went to Hljóðriti Studio the other day and recorded and shot the performance for 'Go Back'.

bird - go back @hljóðriti


June 29, 2014

I'm proud to announce that bird will be playing at Iceland Airwaves festival in November 2014! So I think it's a perfect timing to release a new single as well. Enjoy.

bird - What Comes After from Jón Valur on Vimeo.

bird - what comes after


April 27, 2014

These day's I'm working on more songs in the studio and I'm set to release a new single by the end of May. Until then you can have a listen to my first single "go back". So stay tuned!

bird - go back


April 4, 2014

"Go back" got its first airplay in the UK radio show "Orange Flavoured Pipe Machine" at Sine FM tonight, you can listen to the recording of the show below.

introduction of the song starts around 1:12:00 into the show.

Thanks a lot Carmel!



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